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joyful adj
1 full of or producing joy; "make a joyful noise"; "a joyful occasion" [ant: sorrowful]
2 full of high-spirited delight [syn: elated, gleeful, jubilant]
3 full of or suggesting exultant happiness; "a joyful heart"; "a joyful occasion"; "the joyous news"; "joyous laughter" [syn: joyous]

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  • /ˈdʒɔɪfəl/
  • /"dZOIf@l/


  1. Feeling or causing joy.


feeling or causing joy

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Joyful is the debut album by Ayọ (Joy Olasunmibo Ogunmakin), recorded in January 2006 within five days under live conditions. All songs are composed and written by Ayọ, except "And it's supposed to be love" which is from Abbey Lincoln.
After its European release in June 2006 the album reached Double-Platinum in France, Platinum in Germany and Poland and Gold in Switzerland, Greece and Italy. The album was released in the United States on 20 November 2007.

Track listing

  1. Down on My Knees - 4:01
  2. Without You - 3:57
  3. Letter by Letter - 3:13
  4. How Many Times? - 3:28
  5. And It's Supposed to Be Love - 4:59
  6. Watching You - 3:53
  7. Only You - 3'55
  8. Help Is Coming - 3:55
  9. These Days - 4:48
  10. Life Is Real - 4:48
  11. What Is Love? - 4:26
  12. Neva Been - 4:19



  • Engineered by: Jay Newland and Andy Manganello
  • Assisted by: Geoff Rice
  • Mastered by: Mark Wilder
  • Mixed by: Rivermusic Norwalk

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